Hi! Nice to Meet You!



All good things come to those who wait…right?!  Well, I think I finally believe that! Today I am launching my brand new, sparkling and shinny web site!  Thank you to Craig from CAM Marketing Group for having the patience and vision I wanted to share.  Im telling you guys, after so many changes and tweaks, this guy is still taking my calls and thats amazing!


I am so excited to share this site with you all.  From engagement and weddings to family and maternity, some of my favorite photos are displayed on here.  Its also a great place to keep up with the latest shoots and events and get new of any mini sessions that are coming up. I hope you love it and easily get a sense of my style and personality and my absolute love of what I do!

Please let me know if I can help you capture your memories!

Here’s the link to the awesomeness:  www.joannevandalphoto.com

I cannot wait to meet you all!


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